10 Songs of Summer Camping

July 30, 2014
Cassandra Boland

Summer has been taunting you all too long as you repeatedly catch a glimpse of its sunny and whimsical effects from the window of your office. The weekend is nearing (finally!) and it’s time to get your butt out of your surprisingly comfy office chair and take advantage of summer’s heat and positive vibes. In order to make the most of the up-coming weekend, you and the gang have made the ultimate plans to partake in one of summer’s much appreciated travel experiences: camping.

But in order to truly indulge in the traditions of summer by camping with your loved ones out in the boonies, you’re going to want to get that music playlist ready! Here’s our songs of summer camping playlist – an unique mix of country and rock music to coincide with your epic camping adventures!

10. Life Is A Highway – Tom Cochrane

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 1.03.53 PM

After everything is jammed in the back of your friend’s pickup truck, you very quickly lose at a game of shotgun and are forced to sit in the backseat…in the middle…figures! But even though the sun has only started to rise and you haven’t completely risen yourself, this early morning kicks off to a great start when the newly appointed front seat passenger DJ’s and plays the classic, Life Is A Highway, by Tom Cochrane!

9. Perfect Day – Lady Antebellum

The drive into the campsite was breathtaking as the mountain range turned from a distant painting to a sublime and overwhelming close-up landscape. As you pull into the campsite below this majestic terrain, the gang quickly designates who is in charge to grab the beers while the others unpack the trunk and set up. Fortunately, as the beer grabber, your job also entails picking the set up music. You instantly turn up Perfect Day by Lady Antebellum to get the day started!

8. Magic Carpet Ride – Steppenwolf


Once the campsite looks like it was set up by some mountaineering aficionados, you all strap on your hiking shoes and throw on your bags. Fortunately, one of your friends has a portable speaker zipped up into his knapsack, so you all happily listen to Magic Carpet Ride by Steppenwolf as you kickstart your way through the astounding mountain pass.

 7. Dear Mr. Fantasy – Traffic

As you reach the top of one of the mountain’s cliff sides, you pull out a few snacks and tell the gang it’s time to park your butts in the sun for a while! Dear Mr. Fantasy by Traffic makes you feel relaxed and at peace with nature as you lean up against your knapsacks and take a little nap in the sun.

6. Be The Lake – Brad Paisley

toronto 84

After you wake up and realise your once alabaster office skin is now scorched by the sun’s rays, you vote to find the nearest waterfall or lake ASAP to cool off! After some tedious planning and searching, you realise an hour or so away is a beautiful lake to go fishing and swimming! Once you arrive and jump into the freezing and crystal clear water, one of your friends play Be The Lake by Brad Paisley, as the others spool their reels in an attempt to catch some fish.

 5. Born To Wander – Rare Earth

 After a day of hiking, swimming, and fishing, everyone’s stomachs are starting to rumble! An unanimous decision leads everyone back to the campsite to start a fire and cook up some of the recently caught fish. To celebrate your wilderness survival skills, you turn up Born To Wander by Rare Earth.

 4. Red Solo Cup – Toby Keith

prague 209

Everyone knows with full stomachs shall go ice cold beers. As Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith plays in the background, you and the gang set up a game of beer-pong on the picnic bench and start the competition. Lucky for you, you are a beer-pong seasoned professional!

3. We Are Tonight – Billy Currington

As the sun goes to sleep and the stars excitedly wake up the night sky, you sit around the licking flames of the fire pit listening to We Are Tonight by Billy Currington.

 2. You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet – Bachman-Turner Overdrive

kalendar 02

After having one of the best sleeps of your life, you are suddenly awaken by the heavenly smells of bacon and coffee. In order to wake up the remaining members of the group you play You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet by Bachman-Turner Overdrive. Even though yesterday was an outstanding experience, today will be ever better-they ain’t seen nothing yet!

1. Goodbye to Last Night – Ryan Humphrey

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 12.59.56 PM

After stuffing your face with crispy bacon, and savouring the coffee which was boiled over the fire, you give your friends a hug in thanks for a great weekend. To coincide with your undeniably happy mood, you turn around to play Goodbye to Last Night by Ryan Humphrey. As it plays, you and your friends plan the rest of your day and the many adventures to come!

Check out our 10 Songs of Summer Camping YouTube playlist here!