How taking an Urban Adventures tour can help the local community

October 02, 2019
Claire Butler
Travel writer and content manager @urbanadventures. My favourite travel adventures usually involve food, alcohol and history, preferably at the same time.

We know that travel can make a positive impact on local communities. It’s what gets us out of bed in the mornings. That, and the idea that we’re probably going to give some of you your Best. Day. Ever today.

Urban Adventures tours are carefully curated to support the local communities we live and work in, whether that means introducing you to local people who are doing incredible things for their community, taking you off-the-beaten path to discover locally owned boutiques, restaurants and bars that only local’s know (and love) or donating money to social enterprises that help their communities in some way.

Discover all the ways Urban Adventures tours are supporting and empowering local communities all over the world by clicking on a destination below:

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