Things to do in: Beijing

January 23, 2014
Urban Adventures

Have you been to Beijing? Even if you haven’t, you’ll know that it’s massive! Trying to find unique or hidden local things to do in China’s capital can be tough, which is why we asked our local team to help us out and let you know some of their favourite local things to do in Beijing.

 5. Wu Dao Ying Hutong

A traditional hutong (small alleyway), Wu Dao Ying was built about 600 years ago and houses cafes, restaurants, and shops. It’s a nice, peaceful area to wander around and experience new trends in old Beijing.

Wu Dao Ying Hutong

4. Atmosphere Bar

Located at the top of the highest building in Beijing, the Atmosphere Bar is definitely the best place to go for marvelous views of the city (and a nice single malt scotch!). When the sky is nice and clear in Beijing, take advantage and head up to Atmosphere Bar.

3. Kao Rou Ji Restaurant

Super popular with locals, Kao Rou Ji has been offering its famous barbeque dishes for 150 years! Located in the Hou Hai area next to the well-known Ying Ding Bridge, this restaurant has the best fresh lamb and barbeques it beautifully with special spices. Kao Rou Ji is a must-go for real foodies.

Tianjiao Culture Market

2. Tianjiao Culture Market

It’s named the Culture Market, but don’t be confused – you’re most likely to find fish and walnuts here. Why? Well, it’s difficult to explain, but it comes down to one of Beijing’s traditions about “fish, flower, bird, and cricket”, traditional ‘toys’ that Beijingers used to play with when they were living in the ‘Si He Yuan’ (hutong courtyard). We’re not really explaining it that well, so you’re best to just explore it for yourself – it’s a real life, authentic local experience for sure!

1. Taoranting Park

From the 30th of March to the 1st of May, the Kite Festival takes place in the beautiful, blossoming Taoranting Park. Over 2,000 kites from Beijing, Tianjin, Weifang, and Nantong float, flicker, and fly through the sky, turning this popular park into a colourful, fanciful paradise.