Things to do in: Brasov

October 11, 2018
Urban Adventures

While many people often use Brasov as a gateway to surrounding castles and other areas, spending a more significant amount of time in this endlessly fascinating city never disappoints. From historic churches and medieval architecture, to a scenic old town, lively café culture and great food, what’s not to love? If you’re thinking about visiting, here are some of our top picks for things to do in Brasov.

Be an adventurous eater

Feel like eating on the edge or adding some adventure to your next meal? Brasov is a good place to do it. Sub Tampa is a newly opened restaurant right at the foot of Mount Tampa, which has had taken it upon itself to resurrect old Romanian recipes and give them a modern twist. Ox tail, tongue, brain, Rocky Mountain oysters, deep-fried tripe strings, and many more are all represented. But if you’re craving something a bit more conventional you can also order normal chicken and beef meals, so no need to worry.

Go up Mount Tampa for amazing city views

Views over Brasov

Taking in some epic views over Brasov | Photo by Brasov Urban Adventures

One of the best things about Brasov is its location at the foot of Mount Tampa. This place has an amazing influence on city life as well as its inhabitants. It dictates an open-air oriented lifestyle and inspires outdoor activities for people of all ages. You can go up Mount Tampa on foot or via cable car; if you decide to walk, there are a few trails to choose from of varying difficulty with average time to the top being around an hour. The cable car offers an alternative option for anyone not in the mood to hike, and either method you choose will mean epic views over the city. Get ready to flood your Instagram feed.

Eat mici at Rapid Terrace near the train station

Even if you’ve already had the Romanian experience that is mici you still need to try this place. If you’re unfamiliar, mici are a traditional dish of grilled, skinless sausages usually made with a mixture of beef, lamb and pork, as well as a blend of flavourful spices. Locals and tourists alike have named the mici served at Rapid Terrace the best in the world. But it’s not all about the food. The terrace and interior of the bar have remained unchanged since before the fall of communism and are historic jewels by themselves. Come for the food, stay for the history.

Sit in the classroom of the First Romanian School

The First Romanian School dates back to the 15th century as the only Romanian school in the entire region of Transylvania. Entire villages used to pool their money to send one representative here to learn, and then come back and pass on the knowledge. Sit in the benches and feel the history all around you.

Visit Dacia open market

Dacia market in Brasov

Getting ready to do shop like a local | Photo by Brasov Urban Adventures

Feast your eyes and your senses on this magical place of abundance. Small farmers and producers from the villages all around Brasov come here to sell their produce ranging from vegetables and fruits, to local cheeses and meats, pickles, eggs, milk and pretty much anything you can imagine. Taste as you go and buy a few local treats to enjoy later.