Things to do in: Split

January 05, 2018
Urban Adventures

For many visitors, Split acts as a gateway to exploring the many beautiful islands and parks of Croatia, but the city itself is definitely worth a few days of your time, offering impressive ruins, great food and a host of parks and walks to unwind in. Here are the top picks from our local Split tour guides on what to see and do in this grand city:

Sip coffee on the Riva Promenade

coffee and pastries on a table

Do as the locals do and drink your coffee strong | Photo by Split Urban Adventures

If you want to see everyday life in Split, then do as the locals do and grab a small but strong (that’s the Croatian way!) coffee and sit at one of the many cafes that line the pavement outside the old city walls and watch the world go by.

Chillax in Sustipan Park

benches on a cliff looking out over the sea

Locals know where to get the best view of the Adriatic | Photo by Split Urban Adventures

With stunning views over the Adriatic Sea, scores of pretty pine trees and plenty of entertaining squirrel action to keep you amused, this park is a beautiful place to come and relax for the afternoon. Here you’ll find St. Stephen Sub Pinis (dreamily meaning ‘under the pines’) a typical Benedictine monastery, as well as charming follies to stroll past and lots of benches to sit at and watch the crashing waves. You can also admire the small 18th century church made from six columns taken from Diocletian’s Palace.

Admire unparalleled views from a secret location

ancient corridor in Split

See the sites… from a new angle | Photo by Split Urban Adventures

Think you’ve seen all that the city has to offer? Maybe we can surprise you! Climb to the top of the ancient Vestibul and be rewarded with sweeping, fairy tale views across Split. You may be lucky enough to hear locals singing old Dalmatian klapa (traditional Croatian a Capella) songs about love and romance below you. Does it get more romantic than that?!

Find the Golden Gate and touch the happy finger!

statue in Split

Make your dreams come true | Photo by Split Urban Adventures

The largest and certainly the grandest of all the city gates in Split, the Golden Gate is another stunning example of epic Roman architecture in Split. But what is this happy finger, you ask? The owner of said finger is Bishop Grgur Ninski. Locals believe that touching the bishop’s finger will make all their dreams come true. If you want to get in on the wish fulfilment action, then don’t touch the bishop’s toe (as many tourists mistakenly do) but go for his longest finger instead.

Take a picturesque stroll, run or cycle up to Marjan’s Hill

skyline of Split with the sea in the background

Take in the best view in town | Photo by Split Urban Adventures

Often referred to as the lungs of the city, this delightful green space offers rare plants, abundant nature and proximity to the crystal clear Aegean Sea. The journey to the top of the hill holds many treasures including some popular cafes, museums and churches as well as the opportunity for peaceful reflection at the Jewish cemetery.

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With 1,700+ years of history and a variety of archaeological and cultural monuments, Split is a city for history buffs, but also holds the appeal and warmth of any modern Mediterranean city. Come embrace Split’s charms on a locally led tour!