Best street food in Santorini: To Honaki

December 05, 2019
Stefanos Papaioannou

At To Honaki you will find fried fresh seafood served in a cone, filled with French fries and salad. There is a variety of different seafood to choose from, including shrimp, anchovy, smelt, squid, octopus and cod fish.

Santorini has a long seafood tradition dating back more than 3,000 years. A massive volcanic eruption in the 17th century BC, destroyed the glorious prehistoric city of Akrotiri, which was perfectly preserved by the huge amounts of ash that covered the town. The excavation revealed fine art pieces, among them an amazing mural of a young, naked fisherman holding two bunches of fish. The people of Santorini know and love their fish.

So, you must experience one of the oldest culinary habits of Santorini while you’re in town, and do as the locals do. My recommendation is to try the modern street food version at To Honaki while enjoying unparalleled views of Santorini‚Äôs volcanic caldera.

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