24 hours in: Brasov

February 22, 2019
Urban Adventures

The city of Brasov is the gateway into the almost-mythical region of Transylvania, with most tourists spending only two nights in the city on their way to further discover this part of Romania. So if you are in a hurry, leave your 24 hours in the city in our capable hands, and we promise you will want to stay much longer.

Early morning (7 – 9am)

Start your day in Brasov with a well-deserved coffee at Hoff Cafe, or the tiny Nola and Tekcafe coffee shops. These are currently the only three places in the Old Town offering specialty coffee properly brewed by trained baristas. From espresso to filtered coffee to energising teas, you’ll have plenty of choices, and the staff will ensure you leave the place smiling. You can always add some pastries or homemade cakes to your coffee for a balanced breakfast.

Morning (9am – noon)

Visiting a church in Brasov

Morning church visit in Brasov | Photo by Brasov Urban Adventures

Now that you’re caffeinated and sated, you’ll definitely want to visit the famous Black Church, the symbol of Brasov and the city’s most impressive historical monument. This is the largest Gothic church in southeastern Europe, which has the largest fully functional organ in this part of the world, as well as the richest collection of 17th and 18th centuries Anatolian carpets. It would be great to visit it early in the day before it gets crowded. Then we suggest you visit the nearby Museum of Urban Civilization, which after 19 years of rehabilitation offers the chance to see first-hand how life in Brasov was lived over a few centuries.

Midday (noon – 2pm)

To get even more of the city’s historical feel, leave the Old Saxon Town and step out of the fortifications to explore the equally old Romanian area called Schei, visiting the First Romanian School, and the of the first printing press used to print books in Romania as early as 1556, and St. Nicholas Church in Piata Unirii.

Return to the Old Town and indulge in some Romanian traditional food at some of our favourite spots such as Gaura Dulce, La Ceaun or the newly opened Sub Tampa . You could also try a family-owned, Hungarian-Transylvanian restaurant called Plivax for an authentic, local lunch.

Gateway to Brasov Old Town

Heading into the Old Town | Photo by Brasov Urban Adventures

After a lunch break, get yourself lost amid the labyrinthine streets of the Old Town. Don’t miss Humanitas bookshop next door to the Museum of Urban Civilization, opened in an equally beautiful historical house. You might also want to check out the Romanian Church, the Jewish Synagogue, or the Franciscan Monastery. Then head out of the fortifications and climb up the White and Black Towers for some amazing views back into the Old Town where you’ll also be able to snap great photos of the city’s most iconic buildings and monuments.

Afternoon (2 – 6pm)

Views of Brasov sign

Can you see the Brasov sign? | Photo by Brasov Urban Adventures

You should continue your tour outside the city walls across the Old Town on Sub Tampa alley, and take the cable car or climb up Mount Tampa all the way to the Brasov Hollywood-like sign, or even further to the top for amazing views over the city and the surrounding mountains. Mount Tampa, a protected area, is one of the reasons Brasov enjoys both the title of Romania’s greenest city and the outdoor capital of Romania. If you decide to descend from the top of Tampa on foot, two beautiful paths will bring you back into the Old Town in about 30-40 minutes.

Evening (6pm onwards)

Beer bar in Brasov

Cheers to a great day in Brasov! | Photo by Brasov Urban Adventures

Once evening rolls around, such a glorious day can only end with a party in a cool, local hot spot like Simone or Kruhnen Music Halle.