24 hours in: Poznań

April 10, 2018
Urban Adventures

Let’s be honest — you probably didn’t plan on staying in Poznań for a long time. Most of the visitors coming to the city spend a day or two, but since this is a place worth a longer visit, we’ve prepared a plan for a full day of discovery, that will leave you wanting to come back for more (even if you only have 24 hours to explore). Poznań might not be the first city you think of when making travel plans, but it should be! Filled with interesting museums, a vibrant Old Town buzzing with bars, restaurants and historical atractions, and plenty of great food to keep you going in between sightseeing, Poznań is a city not to be missed.

Early morning: 7am – 9am

parish church Poznan

Poznan’s Parish Church | Photo by Poznan Urban Adventures

As there is only one place that gets crowded in the daytime, the marvellous Old Market Square, get there before anybody else does to stroll through the empty streets and admire the architecture. Visit the Parish Church right before mass (8am), then make some time for a hearty breakfast. Republika Róż (Plac Kolegiacki 2a) and Drukarnia (Podgórna 6) are two favourite spots among locals.

Morning: 9am – 12pm

After breakfast, head west through Wolności Square to the Imperial Castle to follow the Prussian heritage of the city. Continue to Mickiewicza Square where you’ll also see Poznań’s University, and the June 1956 Memorial, which commemorates the 25th anniversary of the first Polish rebellion against Soviet control. Relax in the park with views of the fountain and the Grand Theatre, Poznań’s neoclassical opera house. Spend the rest of the morning visitng the incredible Stary Browar. Housed in an old brewery, this unique complex houses offices, a hotel, an art gallery, restaurants, over 200 stores and even a park.

Go back via Półwiejska Street (main commercial avenue) to the Old Market Square. Don’t be late, as there is a special thing going on at noon exactly!

Lunch: 12pm – 2pm

One must-see in Poznań that you can’t miss are the billy goats that pop out of the Town Hall’s clock at noon and butt their heads 12 times. Stand at the northeastern corner of the square (close to Żydowska and Wielka streets) to see the goats and the trumpeter playing the bugle call. After snapping a few photos, it’s time for lunch. You can find some good regional cuisine at one of the following restaurants: Ratuszova (Stary Rynek 55), Bamberka (Stary Rynek 2), Wiejskie Jadło (Stary Rynek 77) or a student budget spot Pyra Bar (Strzelecka 13) for potato-based typical Poznań dishes.

Enter the Town Hall (free on Saturdays), which also houses the Historical Museum of Poznań. Depending on how much time you have, visit the Poznań Croissant Museum where you can learn about the city’s famous culinary speciality and help to make it. The English show starts at 1:45pm daily from July to September, and on weekends from October to June.

Afternoon: 2pm – 6pm

3D mural Poznan

Check out the 3D mural in Poznan | Photo by Poznan Urban Adventures

Afternoon is the best time to visit Cathedral Island since bus tours are there in the morning. See the Cathedral, and then walk across Jordan Bridge (a great spot to take photos) to the Śródka District. This was a no-go zone a few years ago, which has since turned into a popular restaurant district. While you’re in the area, see the 3D mural at Rynek Śródecki, then if you feel like relaxing, head to Citadel Park. But if your prefer to be active, rent a city bike and take a ride around Malta Lake. Check out the city skyline view from the eastern bank.

Evening: 6pm onwards

Evening is a perfect time to discover some of the best food Poznań has to offer. Take a tram to the Rynek Jeżycki stop, near the Jeżyce area to explore the many restaurants here, which range from local spots to upscale eateries to hipster hangouts. Try Szamarzewskiego, Jackowskiego, Kraszewskiego, Słowackiego and Mickiewicza streets for the biggest choice. Admire beautiful Art Nouveau architecture as you walk around, and feel the ambiance of a typical Poznań district. Want to party harder? Wrocławska street in the Old Town is where the locals go out to have fun in the evening. Watch out, they drink a lot and will try to make you drink with them, so be aware of how much you’re putting back! Nobody likes a hangover – especially if you’ll be catching a flight in the morning.

Shorter stays

For travellers on a short visit, we’d recommend having a layover that will allow you to spend two hours in the city centre, and another hour for travelling to and from the airport.

The best way to get from the airport to the sites is by taking bus 59 to the railway station, which gets you right into the city. Public transport tickets are available at the newspaper stands both in the arrival hall (in T3 terminal) and in the departure hall (in T2 terminal), as well as in the ticket booth located at the bus stop in front of the departure hall. The trip should take around 20 to 25 minutes, and tickets cost PLN 4.60. Don’t forget to stamp the ticket in a yellow box once you get into the bus.

If you want to see Poznań in two hours in the morning or afternoon, spend your time between flights exploring the architecture, historical attractions and cafes of the vibrant Old Market Square.

If you’re in Poznań for an evening or nighttime layover, make your way to Stary Browar (open until 9pm; 8pm on Sundays) for a one-stop shop of art, restaurants, bars, cafes and shopping.