24 hours in: Treviso

September 07, 2016
Cecilia Cambero

Is Venice at the top of your travel bucket list? Or have you formed an attachment to the city on a previous trip? Whatever your case may be, any time is a great time for a quick stop in the city! After you’ve checked out the sites (and bites!) in Venice, consider taking a trip just beyond the city to the gorgeous town of Treviso. You’ll explore the amazing countryside and see beautiful palaces and mansions where Venetian nobles used to spend their summertime. This little town is also home to the famous Prosecco wine and tiramisú (and that’s more than reason enough to go, if you ask us). If you’re ready for a day jam-packed with history, wine, and super tasty food, check out our suggestions on how to spend 24 hours in Treviso.

Early morning (7am – 9am)

Start your day with a stop at Goppion Caffè to grab a coffee and fuel up. This famous Italian coffee brand has its headquarters in Treviso and this tiny place is always filled to the brim with locals. If you really want to kick it local-style, do as the locals do and after ordering your coffee, taste it while standing by the counter.

Morning (9am – 12pm)

Spend the morning strolling beneath the arches of the city centre toward Piazza dei Signori. The city was part of the Venetian Republic and to this day, the connection between the two cities is still evident in the architecture of some of the palaces.

You’ll end up in front of Loggia dei Cavalieri, a famous club during the medieval age where only nobles were allowed to enter — it hosts small exhibitions now. From here, walk back toward the main square, Piazza dei Signori. The exquisite and very famous Palazzo dei Trecento dates back to the 13th century and was nearly destroyed by bombs during World War II. Luckily enough, it was rebuilt and restored to its original glory only a few years later. Climb the staircase that overlooks the Piazza — it often hosts great exhibitions, so don’t miss out!

Proceed towards the majestic Duomo by taking Via Calmaggiore — because a little window-shopping never hurt anybody, right? Plus, locals are known for their unique fashion sense, so if you love people-watching, this is the place to be.

Just five minutes from the Duomo is Borgo Cavour. This small area is a well-preserved jewel of small medieval houses, and is also home to the great Museo Civico — a must-see if you’re an art lover.

Ready to see some canals outside of Venice? Treviso is a countryside town with a heart of water. Proceed toward Piazza San Vito and you’ll find yourself among small canals, bridges, and the most charming place in the whole town: Canale dei Buranelli. Renowned for being a makeshift fish market where fishermen from Burano Island used to come to sell their catch, this area provides a quick snapshot of history and what it was like to live here — picture-perfect from every angle!

Lunch (12pm –  2pm)

The fish market is just around the corner, on a small island surrounded by two canals and some mills, right in front of one of our favourite places for lunch, Acquasalsa. After a long morning of exploring, this is a great place in a quiet corner where you can enjoy a typical Italian lunch paired with great wines from the surrounding area (try the Prosecco!). To finish off your lunch, don’t think twice and just order the tiramisú. The restaurant also has a picturesque patio that overlooks the canals. Perfection!

We could spend the whole day here just talking with friends, eating good food, and drinking good wine! What more could you ask for?

Afternoon (2pm – 6pm)

Now that you’re all filled up, let’s get cultural by visiting one of the cool exhibitions at Casa dei Carraresi. This house was previously owned by a very rich, noble family and has now been transformed into a great art space.

Aperitivo time? Yes. Just like in Venice, you can also taste amazing cicchetti (small snacks or side dishes) in Treviso. And of course, drink all the wine you want! Treviso is famous among locals for its great plates of mixed cheeses and cold cuts — which are always washed down with a good ombra (glass of wine).

Evening (6pm onwards)

If you haven’t fallen in love with Treviso yet, we know just the trick! We’ll enchant you with a relaxing walk atop the Venetian Walls of Treviso. The sunset views are to die for, and in the summer evenings you’ll be spellbound by the small music concerts they usually hold. It’s the perfect way to end a beautiful day trip to Treviso.

If you’re craving a little more adventure, why not come along with us on one of our Urban Adventures tours? Check out the Treviso Gourmet Discovery tour – if you’re a foodie you won’t be disappointed!