5 essentials to pack for travel to India

September 01, 2014
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India is one of those places where you just never know what to expect, and when you arrive, it’s never anything like you imagined. It’s a love/hate destination – many people arrive and vow never to return, and many travel there and spend months on end exploring the country. Whatever your experience, it’s one of those places that we think all travellers should experience at least once.

As the culture and lifestyle in India is so far removed from what many of us are used to, it can be hard to know what to pack to prepare for your travels there. Here are five things that we recommend you pack when travelling to India, all of which will come in handy no matter where you are in this magical country. Keep these India packing tips close by — you wouldn’t want to forget an essential!

A head covering

India is a hugely spiritual country, and you will no doubt be visiting many religious sites during your time there. You will be expected to conform to the necessary customs to enter these sites, and some of them will need you to have your head covered. Taking a light scarf in your luggage and around with you whenever you’re out and about in India, just in case you need to quickly cover up.

Good shoes

Dirt or sand roads are very common in India, even on main streets in big cities like Delhi or Mumbai. Good walking shoes that will protect your feet are an absolute necessity while travelling in India. Don’t worry, you can still pack your favourite pair of flip flops, but a second, more sturdy pair of shoes are advisable, especially if you’re a bit of a germaphobe – the streets can be a little dirty sometimes!

Appropriate clothing

Ladies, as a mark of respect you need to cover up in India. That means no sleeveless, low-cut tops, or short skirts or shorts. Gents, you can get away with more, but be nonetheless mindful of what you’re wearing. You will need to pack clothes that are both appropriate to the culture, as well as light and comfortable. Thin, cotton t-shirts and light, linen bottoms are some of the best options for travel in India.

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Delhi Belly isn’t a myth – it’s a reality. You’d be very lucky if you travelled to India and didn’t get some kind of dodgy stomach during your stay there. Not everyone gets full-blown food poisoning, but you will probably get a little dose of something while you’re there, unless you’re already used to eating a lot of that kind of food. Low and high strength tablets, such as Imodium, are something you are definitely going to want to pack – trust us.

A notebook

For many, travel in India is a life-changing experience. Make sure you document your thoughts and reflections on your travels by taking a notebook with you and jotting things down in it while you’re there. Those notes will no doubt make one hell of a read when you’re back!

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