The best Copenhagen coffee shops for feeling hygge

May 12, 2018
Hannah Hicks

Hygge, most closely resembling the English word “cosy,” is a word used in the Danish culture to describe an atmospheric embrace. While each person’s version of the perfect hyggeligt moment can vary, there are certain characteristics that make up the essence of the word. Lighting. Warmth. Comfort. A beverage. These things bring together the essence of hygge, and, everyday, are brought to life in cafes and coffee shops across Copenhagen. To truly understand this Danish mantra, head to one of these wonderful cafes.

Coffee Collective

Anyone who does any research into the coffee community of Copenhagen would have come across this cafe. The company is run on a transparent platform in which they work hard to make sure their customers know where their coffee comes from and how it is produced. With beans harvested from all over the world (Bolivia, Guatemala and Kenya, just to name a few), it is only expected that their coffee would house distinct and well developed flavours. However, if you are a big coffee cup kind of drinker, I’d make sure to go for the large! Vendersgade 6D, 1363 Copenhagen.

Cafe Feel Good

If you are in the mood for a small but extremely cosy location to do some reading or just relax, I could not recommend Cafe Feel Good more. The place is very small but all the seats are situated at the window on a cute little bench with pillows and blankets that only add to the aesthetic of the place. Not only does the ambience embrace all things hygge, but their coffee is brewed behind a transparent counter and is wonderful to taste. Not to mention they have some amazing cakes and treats as well. Nørre Farimagsgade 55, 1364 Copenhagen.

mousse dessert with coffee

Cold brew and white chocolate mousse with buckthorn at Statement Coffee | Photo by Copenhagen Urban Adventures

Statement Coffee

If you really want to experience the contrast between busy Copenhagen and the cosy atmosphere in a coffee bar, you should head to Statement Coffee. When you walk in, it feels like taking a step into another universe filled with fantastic coffee and world-class vegan food and cakes, complimented with the best of Danish design elements. In here, you can choose between all the usual suspects when it comes to coffee, but you can also explore the trending nitrogen coffee if you feel particularly adventurous. Whatever you choose, you can feel confident that it features some of the finest coffee beans, hand-picked at the world’s best coffee plantations, roasted at their own roastery and chosen for the season. Vester Farimagsgade 3, 1612 Copenhagen.

The best brunch in Copenhagen

It’s no secret that a good breakfast plays a central role in how the rest of your day is going to go. Maybe that was what John Gunther meant when he famously said, “All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.”

CUB Coffee Bar

Walking into this underground coffee bar is like walking into a friend’s apartment. Mind you, a friend with impeccable taste for making a place you never want to leave! When you walk down the stairs to the coffee bar’s basement, you’re instantly met by the sweetest smell of coffee and a friendly face, who will help you find the perfect brew for you. With cup in hand, you can hang out at their cosy chairs or tables fitted with fleeces for extra warmth and enjoy the homely Danish atmosphere. Take a sip of your coffee and taste the rich and fresh natural flavours, assured that the farmers who contributed have been paid a fair, above market rate for their services. Boldhusgade 6, 1062 Copenhagen.

cappuccino in a cup

Cappuccino at CUB Coffee Bar | Photo by Copenhagen Urban Adventures

Buzz Kaffebar

While other cafes throughout Copenhagen capture hygge with dimmed lighting and blankets, Buzz captures a side of hygge that holds a special place in my heart. Their atmosphere is bright, with seating next to large windows that is perfect for sitting and reading a book while drinking your coffee. They also offer oat and soy milk for those who are dairy-free and a variety of flavours for coffees and lattes (the hazelnut is divine!). Their salads and sandwiches are a great compliment for your warm beverage as well. Sankt Peders Stræde 31, 1453 Copenhagen.