A local’s guide to the best gelato in Venice

June 23, 2016
Simona Manarin

With the summer season in full swing, there is nothing better than a relaxing stroll along the beautiful alleys of Venice with a delicious and refreshing gelato in hand. Yes, gelato may have been invented in Florence, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find great gelaterias here in Venice!

If you’re an ice cream lover, we swear you’ll be hooked after visiting at least one of these places. Your life might never be the same again. (A tad bit dramatic, but we assure you it’s that good!) So without further ado, here are our top five picks for the best gelato places in town.

(Shhh, don’t think about the calories — you’ll burn them off in the blink of an eye with all the walking you’ll be doing.)


Let’s start with the basics. Alaska is hands-down the best gelato place in town — this is where tradition meets craziness. If you’re a risk-taker, an adventurer, or a spontaneous soul, then you’ll love this place. Try out some crazy flavours like avocado, ginger, and maybe even… basil? Everything is made from scratch using only the best seasonal ingredients. Ask Carlo (the owner) how to pair the different flavours — the ones that sound the weirdest usually turn out to be surprisingly delicious.

You’ll also be a few minutes away from one of our favourite places in Venice: Campo San Giacomo, a very laidback, residential area. Take your time to enjoy a good gelato while sitting on a bench in the shade.

Address: Calle Larga dei Bari 1159, Santa Croce, Venice, Italy.face

VizioVirtù Cioccolateria

VizioVirtù Cioccolateria is a gelato and chocolate lovers dream. | Photo Credit: VizioVirtù Cioccolateria

Are you mad for chocolate? Do you proclaim to have chocolate flowing through your veins instead of blood? Well this is the right place for you! Gelato and chocolate come together to form a superb, yet unique product at VizioVirtù Cioccolateria. Famous not only for their Venetian-style hot chocolate in the winter, this place has gained fame for their chocolate gelato-like candies too. And, of course, everything is handmade by a team of superwomen who have great passion for chocolate and their city. If you’re feeling a little fruity, try the sorbets. We also recommend the two gianduia ice cream sticks that are covered in whipped cream and finely ground hazelnut, as they are just a match made in heaven. Delizioso!

Address: Castello 5988, 30122, Venice, Italy.

Bacaro del Gelato

Bacaro del Gelato is one of the most recent gelaterias to open in the city. | Photo Credit: Bacaro del Gelato

This spot has carved a beloved place in our sweet, dessert-loving hearts, despite it being one of the newest gelato kids on the block. Run by a local young couple, it has become the go-to spot for delicious, traditional, homemade gelato and spectacular birthday cakes.

Grab a cone (try the fruity flavours!) and take a stroll along the quiet streets in this area. Getting lost in Venice while eating a delicious gelato has never seemed more appealing.

#localsknow tip: Try to visit this area at sunset — it’s absolutely breathtaking and so, so romantic!

Address: Fondamenta Misericordia 2499, 30121, Venice, Italy.

Gelato di Natura

Tradition and research combined with a preference for organic ingredients is the magic combination to create the gelato at this family-run business. The Michielan family has been making exceptional gelato since 1982, and despite their growing customer base, and even foreign expansion, they have kept their traditional, yet clean and sophisticated way of doing things consistent no matter where you go.

If you are looking for a refreshing way to get over the Venetian heat, try their fruity sticks — pure deliciousness, we tell you!

Address: Calle Larga Rosa 1627, 30135, Venice, Italy.

Gelateria il Doge

Gelateria Il Doge Venice
Photo Credit: Gelateria il Doge

This spot is located in one of the more hip and lively areas of Venice, and our university is just around the corner.

Take your time deciding and ask for one of their amazing creamy flavours — we suggest their Crema del Doge flavour. It’s super yummy and definitely Instagram-worthy. As well, don’t forget to try their granita (crushed ice drinks). We recommend the almond and coffee, or if you’re feeling a little wild, mix it up! Buonissimo!

Address: Dorsoduro 3058/A, Rio Terà Canal, 30123, Venice, Italy.

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