Best Street Food in Florence: Da Simone – La Buticche di’ Lampredotto

December 02, 2019
Linda Sorgiovanni
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If you’re ever in Florence, make a point of seeking out the king of the most antique street food in Florence, Da Simone – la Buticche del Lampredotto. This street food stand in the district of San Frediano owned by Simone Balleggi, serves tripe panini, polenta, crostini with tongue, and more along with good local wine and beer. If you really want to feel like a local, try the legendary lampredotto. Basically, this local specialty is made from the fourth (and some say) most flavourful stomach of the cow, braised for hours in a tomato-vegetable broth until it’s ultra-tender, then piled onto a bun for a fast and filling meal.

This spot tends to get busy around meal times (especially lunch time) so expect a queue, or go in between typical meal times to avoid a line. The kiosk has a covered area with some seating, so if you’re lucky you may get to have a seat while enjoying your sandwich. This is Florentine street food at its most authentic and a great way to experience local life through its traditional street food. The friendly owner is always happy to chat with customers as he prepares dishes and hands out food, and you can also get a glass of wine to accompany your meal. The kiosk is open from Monday to Friday for lunch and aperitivo.

Photo credit: Da Simone la buticche del lampredotto

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