Best street food in Seville: Freiduría Reina Victoria

December 05, 2019
Branislav Petrovic

In the old times – long before fridges existed – Spanish bars came up with an ingeniously strong and tasty marinade that was used to help preserve fish and/or mask the flavour of the fish if it had gone slightly bad. Known as adobo sevillano (or marinated fried dogfish), today  it’s one of Seville’s most popular bar snacks. When ordered as a takeaway option, it’s usually served in bite-size chinks on a big piece of paper, rolled into a cone.

Freiduría Reina Victoria has been frying fish in Seville for nearly 5 decades. The family is originally from Galicia – Spain’s most highly regarded fish-cooking region and the join is always packed with enthusiastic locals who know good food when they taste it.

An unassuming exterior hides Seville's best street food at Freiduría Reina Victoria. | Photo by Seville Urban Adventures

The dish is usually made using dogfish, but sometimes they serve different versions. It’s then combined with Jerez sherry vinegar, garlic, sweet paprika, oregano, cumin, bay leaf salt, flour for frying and olive oil, then it’s gently fried. The taste is slightly sour, slightly salty and the texture is soft and juicy. If you want to taste an authentically Sevillian street food dish, make a beeline for Freiduría Reina Victoria.

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