Best street food in Mallorca: Llonguet by Forn de la Gloria

November 13, 2018
Urban Adventures

The annual #streetfood50 Awards recognise the top street food vendors around the globe, handpicked by Urban Adventures’ own local guides-in-the-know. Local bakery Forn de la Gloria received top accolades from our Mallorca tour guides for the best street food in Mallorca in 2018, for their llonguet recipe.

For the most part, everyone loves sandwiches. Flavourful ingredients between two pieces of bread is a universal dish; equal parts convenience and comfort. The llonguet is the base for a typical sandwich of Mallorca, and something that you don’t want to miss out on.

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You can find llonguets at most traditional bakeries in Mallorca, but locals know that Forn de la Gloria, named after the street it’s found on, is one of the best (and cheapest) places to get your fill of this simple, yet tasty dish. The oval-shaped bread roll has a soft crust and a groove along the top, and when it comes to what gets put in between the two halves, the possibilities are varied. But a popular choice is sobrassada, a raw, cured sausage that works well with the pillowy bread.