How to have the perfect day in Burano, Venice

July 24, 2018
Simona Manarin

Burano is one of six neighbourhoods that make up Venice — and a great place to explore if you want to appreciate the true local life of Venice.

Bright pink, deep blue, lavender… you name it and Burano has it! This island in Venice looks like it is out of a fairy tale or a Disney movie. Imagine houses where it looks like a talented painter threw their palette on the walls of the small houses lined along canals.

But don’t think you will be alone; the island can be quite crowded during the day. To help you explore and make the most of a short stay, our local Venice tour guides have picked their favourite spots for a perfect day in Burano.

The early bird catches the worm, they say. Get up early and get on the Venice Water Bus, line N. 12 from Fondamenta Nove and, in about 40 minutes, step into one of the most colourful places on earth. The first inhabitants of the island where people living by the lagoon, and were known to be very good fishermen. To see their own small homes from afar while fishing, they simply painted them in bright colours.

Spend the day in one of the most colourful places in the world!| Image credit Pixabay

Once you get there, start at the backstreets. Our favorite area to start is at the Old Fish Market (Pescarìa Vecia); from there the view of the houses along the canal is simply stunning. Head over the church of San Martino. Stand in the small alleys and if you look up, you’ll notice the leaning bell tower. Fun fact is the leaning tower leans more than the Tower of Pisa, according to locals.

#localsknow tip: Always navigate the backstreets. Our favourites are on the east side of the island.

Sit on the benches near the lagoon, where you can see fishermen returning from their early morning catch, and take in the stunning views of this Venetian lagoon. However, be mindful and responsible towards the residents living there. Don’t sit on their porch or doorsteps as they won’t appreciate it — just as neither would you if it was your own home.

Burano is known for its stunning lace making | Image credit Pixabay

Burano is not only famous for its colourful houses, but also for the elegant art of lace-making. Some lace-makers are still making intricate and stunning pieces by hand, which can be found at Dalla Lidia or Martina Vidal. Visit the Museo del Merletto (Lace Museum) for beautiful exhibitions, learn the history of this art and see incredible pieces from past centuries.

It’s now for a very local lunch at our favourite place: Riva Rosa. You are in the Burano and along with a gorgeous antipasto misto (mixed appetisers), you’ll need to try the local risotto di go. Couple with some good Prosecco and you have the perfect meal. We’re sure you’ll thank us later.

You can’t leave Burano without trying the traditional biscuits | Image credit Pixabay

You are not done yet! You can’t leave Burano without trying the traditional biscuits, Buranei or Essi, at Costantini’s Bakery. This family-run business still bakes their biscuits onsite and their strudel is also pure magic.

Not ready to leave the island just yet? Cross the small bridge towards Mazzorbo and go for wine tasting at Venissa. This beautiful property overlooks the lagoon and has their own wine production.

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