How to have a perfect day in Le Marais

February 22, 2017
The Common Wanderer

Okay, so it’s really not too hard to have a perfect day in Paris. The food! The wine! The museums! The culture! But with so much to take in (and to eat and drink), it can be a bit overwhelming when you’re trying to cram it all into a visit. To give us the lowdown on one of Paris’ most charming and trendy districts, we invited travellers The Common Wanderer to spend a day in the historic neighbourhood of Le Marais with our Paris Urban Adventures guides. Here are their recommendations for what to see (and of course eat and drink) in the district.

people walking along historic street in Paris

From 12th-century swamp to the trendiest area in modern Paris, #localsknow that a stroll around the winding streets of Le Marais takes you straight to the heart of an eclectic mix of Parisian cool. Home to a vibrant gay scene, the heart of the Jewish community, and a thriving Bohemian Bourgeois (Bobo) culture, the Marais’ crooked medieval streets are full of trendy restaurants and bars, fashion boutiques, art galleries, historical landmarks, and beautiful architecture vying for position as coolest on the block. | Photo by The Common Wanderer


travellers looking at a display of macarons in Paris

#Localsknow the best food decisions take time, and choosing a macaron at Pierre Hermé’s Marais boutique just simply cannot be rushed. After all, Vogue described Hermé as the “Picasso of pastry!” Black sesame, rose, green tea, pistachio, jasmine flower, salted-butter caramel, crème brûlée — the possibilities are endless, and macarons will be ruined for you forever, guaranteed. | Photo by The Common Wanderer


exterior of a bakery in Paris

#Localsknow there are baguettes in Paris, and then there are baguettes in Paris that are fit for heaven. Au Petit Versailles du Marais is home to the latter. Run by Christian Vabret, Meilleur Ouvrier de France (master craftsman), this beautiful 1860’s bakery really is a little piece of Versailles right in the heart of the Marais district; its beautifully painted ceiling is almost as delectable as the treats it offers! | Photo by The Common Wanderer


woman leaning against a wall with a painting of a face in Paris

In the winding, uber-trendy streets of medieval Marais, #localsknow where the best street art is just waiting to be found. The area is home to some of the most famous street art in the whole of Paris, including works by Yosh, Space Invaders, Clet, Sobr, Gzup, and Cost. | Photo by The Common Wanderer


hands holding a glass of wine as its being poured in Paris

Everyone knows that France is synonymous with good wine. But only #localsknow where to find one of the best wine merchants in Le Marais (and perhaps the whole of Paris!). Whether it’s a pinot noir, a merlot, or even an apple brandy that you’re after, the staff at Julien de Savignac are with you all the way — sharing their passion, and making sure your glass is adequately topped up! | Photo by The Common Wanderer


plates of charcuterie in Paris

#localsknow the only way to bust your hunger after exploring the Marais all day is to grab the best charcuterie platter in town and prepare for a mouthwatering feast of terrines, cured meat, and French cheese. It’s the perfect accompaniment for your glass of wine — but almost too good to share with your new friends! | Photo by The Common Wanderer

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