Things to do in: Santiago

September 04, 2015
Urban Adventures

Santiago is a city for everyone: the adventurers, the bohemians, the romantics, the artists, those who like traditions and those who like the more modern and exotic. No matter your tastes, there are plenty of things to do in Santiago that will leave you loving this Chilean city!

things to do in santiago

For the traditionalists

Visit the markets and discover the local produce that makes up Chilean cuisine, from fish and seafood, to fruits and vegetables, to traditional beverages. While you’re browsing, soak up the architecture of these shopping meccas — many of them are in spaces that form the architectural heritage of Chile. Be sure to go to the Mercado La Vega Central, Mercado Tirso de Molina, and Mercado Central. You’ll get to see how locals shop for weekly goods, and appreciate how the markets are an ingrained part of city life.

For the adventurers

Climb the hills surrounding Santiago, and get the best views of the city. Some of the hills require proper physical fitness — and even specialised equipment — but many are open to more casual hikers. Several of them offer a cable car or funicular railway to the top. Take your pick, depending on your abilities: a leisurely walk to see a nice panoramic view of city and valleys, or a challenging experience that will put your legs to the test!

24 hours in Santiago

For the bohemians

If you like the bohemian life, then visit the neighbourhoods of Lastarria and Bellavista. Wander around and stop at the varioius restaurants, cafeés, shops, and bars that make up one of the most bohemian areas in Latin America. You’ll get to understand a bit of the Chilean personality that shapes daily life.

For the history buffs

If your sightseeing preference is history and architecture, then loop through the historic area of the city. Check out the buildings that tell the stories of the Spanish colony, the foundation of the city, and the struggles of independence. There are multiple architectural styles throughout Santiago, making it an eclectic city that fuses European and American styles in a fascinating way.

24 hours in Santiago

For the artists

If you’re an artist, then visit the Museum of Fine Art, featuring work by various Chilean artists. Literature lovers should check out the museums dedicated to writers Pablo Neruda and Gabriela Mistral.