Things to do in: Mendoza

July 21, 2015
Urban Adventures

The city of Mendoza in Argentina may be famed for two things (wine and mountains), but there’s plenty more things to do in Mendoza than just drink and take in the view! (Although we’ve included those things in this round-up, too, of course.) Here’s what you need to check out, where you need to eat, and where you need to go once the sun goes down in this South American city!

Eat at El Faro Bistro

Located on the 14th floor of the Premium Tower Suites, El Faro Bistro is the place to go for breakfast with a view. The building is the tallest in Mendoza (since this is a seismic area, highrises aren’t ideal). Enjoy a wonderful breakfast as you gaze out over the beautiful city and its majestic mountains.

Shop at Mercado Central

Take your time strolling through the Mercado Central, where you’ll find delicious fresh foods, such as fresh local fruits and vegetables, homemade cheeses, ham, pastas, all kinds of beans, spices, and more!

Things to do in Mendoza

Take a trip to Chacras de Coria

Chacras de Coria is a small village located about 20 minutes south of Mendoza City — and holds the history of Mendoza. This is where every important family from the 1900s landed and planted their roots. Today, the colonial appearance remains and you can walk around this beautiful old-style town, purchase some handmade local crafts at the plaza, or visit a winery and taste some exquisite regional wines.

Take a break at San Martin National Park

San Martin National Park is Mendoza’s primary landmark, and is where locals go for runs, walks, or just to grab some quiet time. Visit the lovely lake where the rowing teams train daily, then walk around the magical rose garden for the ultimate relaxing break from city life.

Things to do in Mendoza

Check out the nightlife on Aristides Villanueva Street

This street is where every local goes to live it up at the end of a long day. Here you can find any kind of bar, pub, restaurant, or clothing shop you want (there are also several hostels in the neighbourhood). This is where Mendoza comes to life every night!