How to have the perfect day in Venice’s Cannaregio district

July 18, 2018
Simona Manarin

Cannaregio is one of six neighbourhoods that make up Venice — and a great place to explore if you want to appreciate the true local life of the city. The down-to-earth neighbourhood is where Ventians go to chill out with friends, or just to wander the charming alleyways. Known for its youthful vibe and numerous bacaros, it’s a great place to sample local life.

To help you explore, our local Venice tour guides have picked their favourite spots for a perfect day in the Cannaregio district.

Explore the tranquil Church of Madonna Dell’Orto | Image credit Creative Commons

You’re in Italy now, so start your day with a proper espresso at Torrefazione Cannaregio, the oldest coffee roasters in town. The cafe dates back to the 1930s and the bartenders can offer advice on the perfect coffee blend. Although you can’t go wrong with a cappuccino and freshly baked croissant, of course.

Immerse yourself into the heart of the Cannaregio district by visiting the Jewish Ghetto, a historically important part of the city. Visit the synagogues and the Museo Ebraico di Venezia (Jewish Museum), then stop for a sweet treat at our favourite bakery, Forno Volpe. Try their traditional Jewish treats, where everything is kosher and approved by a rabbi.

Like everywhere in Venice, you’ll probably get lost – especially in the maze that is Cannaregio. However, there’s no better place to relax away from the crowds and savour the slow-paced life of the city. Head over to the Church of Madonna dell’Orto, a beautiful church dedicated to Saint Christopher. Hidden inside are beautiful pieces by local artists Bellini and Tintoretto.

In the summer catch an exhibit at Biennale Pavilions | Image credit Pixabay

From there, take a stroll in Fondamenta Nove. The breathtaking views of the mountains on a clear day (especially in winter) are just amazing. Take a break at the beautiful Caffè ai Crociferi, which is housed inside a former convent. Perfect for a coffee or quick lunch in the shade.

During the summer, catch an exhibit from the nearby Biennale Pavilions, which are usually hosted at the Ca’ Zanardi and Palazzo Zen.

Prosecco time! Enjoy a glass while watching the sunset directly on the canal along Fondamenta degli Ormesini and della Misericordia, known simply as Fondamenta. The promenade is home to small bacaros and restaurants. Find a table at the edge of the Ormesini calan and order a spritz al bitter and tuck into delicious cichetti at Al Timon. This popular spot is always packed with locals.

Soak up the atmosphere in this relaxing Venice neighbourhood | Image credit Creative Commons

If you’re looking for a quieter spot, cross over to Fondamenta della Sensa, just a street back, where the atmosphere is more tranquil. Sit down for a meal at the elegant Osteria Anice Stellato. The menu features a range of creative dishes, as well as a great selection of wine.

When you’re ready to top off your day sipping a cocktail, head to the only speakeasy in town: the Chapel Club. Located in the former church of Misericordia, you’ll need to make a booking in advance by text.

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