11 Most Romantic Tours in Europe

January 20, 2020
Jessica Padykula

Romance means many things to many people. But we can all likely agree on a few things; namely that winding cobblestone streets, secret gardens, hidden vistas and epic sunsets are all pretty high on the romance list no matter your stance on the definition of dreamy settings. And while destinations like Paris and Rome may top your list of must-see romantic hot spots, there are a few more European cities that scream romance without really even trying and they’re not packed with tourists like Rome or Paris. Here then, is our list of the 11 most romantic tours in Europe, just in time for Valentines Day!

Seville: New York Times Journeys - Seville Traditions and Trends

It's not hard to find romance in Seville

Flamenco and tapas – what could be more romantic than that? Seville is known for many things, from its incredible architecture to rich history – so there’s always a good reason to go. But the passionate rhythm of flamenco is what really kicks things up a notch when it comes to romance. This tour, inspired by The New York Times, not only explores the history of flamenco dance and music, but puts you in the sultry spotlight. Join a dancer in her studio as she prepares for her nightly show – and let the rhythm move you. If that weren’t enough, combine flamenco practice with some of the city’s best tapas. In between bites, explore down hidden streets, absorbing Seville’s historic beauty.

Prague: Private Prague Parks & Views

Prague views
Prague's parks and gardens are always worth discovering

While Prague’s quaint cobbled streets were made for romantic strolls, the city’s winding green paths have just as much (if not more) romance to offer. In fact, Prague is full of greenery, with over 700 parks to explore. Join a local guide for a private tour through the city’s parks and gardens with stops for some epic views of the city. One of those views will be from atop Prague’s very own version of the Eiffel Tower (albeit a little different than the Paris landmark we all know and love), where you’ll take the lift to the top (or exercise your legs and walk the near-300 steps) and be rewarded with some truly memorable (and romantic) views. Not only that, along the way you’ll also enjoy an authentic, locally-sourced Czech lunch and a local beer at a unique venue.

Crete: Bohemian Sunset Tour

Winding street Crete
The winding streets of Chania are a haven for romance-seekers

Sunsets are inherently romantic, whether you’re enjoying them with a special someone by your side or simply admiring the beauty of the sky solo. But if you have the chance to experience a Cretan sunset in the company of someone you love, you’re in for a treat. On this one-of-a-kind tour, you’ll not only visit a secret spot to watch the sunset, but also a few more choice vantage points to see (and snap pictures of) the sun as it makes its evening descent. Top that off with some wining and dining in a secret garden – and you have the ultimate recipe for romance – Cretan style!

San Sebastian: Taste of Rioja Wine Adventure

Vineyards of Rioja
Taste some excellent Rioja wines directly from the producers

Grab your other half and embark on a full-day tour tailor-made for wine lovers (and if we’re being honest, just lovers in general). And if Rioja is a varietal of choice for you and your mate, this is indeed a tour you’ll want to think about. Spend the day exploring the scenic wine region of Rioja Alavesa, stopping at wineries to sip and savour wine directly from the producers. In between winery stops, you’ll enjoy lunch in the historic walled town of Laguardia, with its impressive churches and quaint, narrow streets to explore. The charm alone will be enough to inspire a romantic moment (and likely Instagram post) or two.

Bratislava: Danube Boat Tour With Craft Beer

Bratislava Danube tour
Cruise the Danube with your sweetie and enjoy some seriously good craft beer

Beer and sightseeing combine on this tour where couples can enjoy a scenic cruise on the Danube with the chance to try some of the city’s best craft beer. Cruise down one of the most iconic rivers in Europe, taking in the city’s scenic skyline and snapping photos of Bratislava’s most iconic sights from a totally different perspective (yes, your Instagram followers will be jealous). After your romantic rendezvous with the Danube, it’s time for a taste of some local craft beer – at the first brewery directly on the river Danube, no less. It won’t surprise us one bit if you’re feeling romantic at the end of the tour – there’s just something about boats and good beer that gets some people in the mood for love.

Vienna: Wines of Vienna

Vineyards of Vienna
Admire stunning views over Vienna, glass of vino in hand

Explore the wines of Vienna with one of the city’s best sommeliers. If that doesn’t sound like a romantic way to spend a few hours, we don’t know what does. Visit romantic wine bars tucked away in the hills, take in breathtaking views of Vienna and its surroundings (glass of wine in hand), sip on the famous g’spritzter (white wine spritzer) and learn all about the region’s rich wine producing history. All the while you’ll be treated to some memorable wines and traditional Viennese snacks while creating enough romantic moments to last a lifetime.

Palma de Mallorca: Create Your Own Tour

Wine and cheese Mallora
Create your own customized romantic tour of Palma de Mallorca

From incredible scenery straight out of a postcard to clifftop vistas made for candlelit dinners, Palma de Mallorca may not be the first place that pops into your mind when it comes to romantic European destinations – but it should be. And the best part: Urban Adventures allows you to create your very own, totally customised private tour, one that can be as heavy on the romance as you want it to be. Just to give you an example, our expert guides recently organized a private flamenco guitar concert on the old walls of Palma with views on the Cathedral (and champagne no less) for a couple on their honeymoon. No interest in flamenco? No problem. Mallorca is filled with enchanting spots perfect for couples in search of romance.

Florence: Aperitivo Time

Aperitivo time in Venice, Italy
Learn the romantic art of the aperitivo in Florence

If you’re looking for romance (and we assume you are), you’re definitely going to want to put Florene on your travel hit list. Imagine strolling some of the prettiest neighbourhoods in Europe in the late afternoon sun, stopping to practice the Italian art of aperitivo. Stop at three locations in the historic centre to learn about the ritual of aperitivo and its importance as a pre-dinner practice in everyday Italian life. As you sip your bold, Tuscan red (or perhaps a creative cocktail), you’ll also snack on local treats like panini and salty prosciutto. If you’re still not sold on the romance potential, one of our guides had a proposal on the Ponte Vecchio bridge during this tour (a bridge which is filled with jewellery shops).

Lisbon: Sunset Fado & Dinner

Food and wine in Lisbon
Visit Lisbon for a romantic night of fado music and traditional dishes

What could be sexier than fado music and a shot of sweet, cherry flavoured liquor? Lisbon, with its narrow streets and charming neighbourhoods made for romantic strolls, is your oyster on this sunset dinner tour. Discover the city as the sun begins to set, alongside locals heading out for dinner and drinks. Walk around one of the oldest areas of Lisbon, sweeping views everywhere you turn, and stop to take in the magical sunset over the city. Then it’s time to turn the romance up a notch (or two) with a stop at one of the most famous fado houses in Lisbon for a traditional Portuguese feast alongside local wine and an unforgettable fado performance.

Venice: Canal & Aperitivo Experience

Venice wine and cheese
Sip and taste your way to romance in Venice

Just thinking about Venice can cause many a heart to flutter. The canals alone are enough to inspire a proposal. No, really. Our guides have witnessed more than one person get down on one knee on our Canal & Aperitivo Experience. You and your favourite person will hop onto a stylish boat taxi to explore Venice’s lesser known canals with a local guide. But first, a glass of Prosecco, before setting off on the Grand Canal (have your cameras ready), before diverting to some lesser-known waterways. Your private canal cruise ends with, what else, an aperitivo at sunset, consisting of local wines and delicious local cicchetti. Bellissima!

Santorini: Wine O’Clock

Santorini sunset views
Santorini's iconic sunsets are the definition of romance

Santorini is known as one of the most sought after place for a romantic getaway in Greece and has (no surprise here) garnered a reputation as a wedding destination for couples around the globe. But when you’re perched on the rim of a massive active volcano in the middle of the sea, you’ve earned your reputation as a supermodel of travel destinations. This tour – with romance written all over it – will have you and your partner exploring Santorini’s fascinating wine history dating back centuries, which of course involves tasting some stellar wines. You’ll also see an old, private canava, the island’s underground caves used as a space for grape storage and wine making, and end the day on a winery terrace with a 4-glass wine tasting and spectacular sunset views over the caldera and Aegean Sea.

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