The Street Food 50 list for 2020 has arrived!

January 22, 2020
Claire Butler
Travel writer and content manager @urbanadventures. My favourite travel adventures usually involve food, alcohol and history, preferably at the same time.

With the annual arrival of countless Where to Travel This Year lists, we want to give you a different kind of resolution to add to your 2020 travel plans: where to eat on the street. 

Now in its second year, the annual Street Food 50 list highlights 50 of the best street vendors from around the world, handpicked by Urban Adventures’ global network of nearly 2,000 local guides, who include not just foodies but also beer experts, sommeliers and chefs 


The list covers six continents and stretches from well-known foodie cities such as New York to unexpected culinary destinations like Irkutsk in Siberia. 

Street food has become a darling of the international food scene, no longer considered just cheap and convenient eats, but places that foodies will actively seek out, and in every destination,” says Tony Carne, Managing Direct of Urban AdventuresEven Michelin has embraced the quality and importance of street food to the world’s culinary culture, granting stars to street food stalls in cities like Singapore and Bangkok. 




Discover the story behind Tokyo's ningyoyaki desserts before trying one for yourself on our Made in Tokyo Shopping Tour. | Photo by Tokyo Urban Adventures

Urban Adventures is the largest day tours operator in the world, offering over 1,300 unique itineraries in 160 cities, with every tour designed to support local independent business and entrepreneurs. Food tours are our most popular product, and many of the picks on the Street Food 50 list are featured stops on our best-selling food tours, including a peameal bacon sandwich on Toronto’s ‘When Pigs Fry’ tour, and ningyoyaki desserts on a ‘Made in Tokyo’ tour. 

The list mixes in already-world-famous stalls in with hidden neighbourhood gemsbut in each case represents a place and a meal that locals truly love. 

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Street Food 50 2020

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