The 8 best cities to break up in

February 10, 2015
Urban Adventures

Most of the time, breaking up sucks. In some cities, however, it’s not as bad as others.

If you have to break up, here’s where you’re going to want to be to make it suck less.



As a city so full of energy, you cannot go wrong with Prague. The locals of Prague will pretty much always accept the invitation to go for a beer, regardless of a possible language barrier or other plans they might have had that day. Before you know it, you’ll have had five pints of the local brew, made friends with the bartenders at some cool little dive spot in the centre of town, and be swaying along with the locals in a Czech singalong. You may have fallen out of love with your ex, but you’ll fall deeply in love with Prague in no time.


Philly travel

They don’t call it the City of Brotherly Love for nothing! Despite Philadelphia being given that nickname because the word ‘philadelphia’ translates to ‘brotherly love’ in Greek, the people of Philly reflect this philosophy as well. You’ll always find a friend in Philly, no matter how brokenhearted you are. If not, stuff your face full of Philly Cheesesteak — that’ll definitely help as well. In fact, just do both. And maybe avoid the LOVE sculptures littered around town…


tijuana taco

Tequila and tacos — need we say more? And even if the tastes of authentic mezcal and Mexican street food don’t mend your broken heart, the sheer fun factor will. Seriously, how can anyone go to TJ and not have the time of their life? Hit up the beach, dance the night away, make friends with all the people who are just there for a good time, and prove to yourself that in some places, like life-of-the-party Tijuana, going solo is simply the best way to go.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong will grab your senses and never let go, so it’s actually best to surrender everything to the city, rather than someone else. You can wander for days and never be bored, and with dozens of different markets to choose from, you can shop to your heart’s content (if that’s what’ll make you feel better). If not, the plethora of amazingly delicious and cheap food will certainly do the trick.


Sydney Travel

Aussies are a friendly bunch, and in Sydney you’ll find heaps of them (duh). If you break up with your nearest and dearest during summer in Sydney, just wander down to a beach and catch some surf, perfect for getting all that bad energy washed away by the ocean. If not, strike up a convo with the basically anyone in a local bar, and you’ll be having a BBQ with beers in no time.

Rio de Janeiro


There are few better remedies to a break up than getting back on that horse and finding someone else to spend your precious time with. Head to Rio de Janerio, where the people are passionate, friendly, and more often than not so very, very good looking. Lock eyes with a Brazilian, and soon enough your ex will seem like a distant and far inferior memory.



Have your worries blown away by the bright lights of Tokyo. The Japanese capital is like the other city that never sleeps — there’s so much going on here that you could possibly think of anything going on in your love life. Full of sleek and chic gadgetry and constantly evolving, Tokyo will keep you occupied for days on end, and fully distracted from your niggling love life. If all else fails, go watch people pose in mock terror in front of the Godzilla statue.


Travel in Havana

You may have gone to Havana for a romantic getaway in the first place, but if things turn sour don’t be too disgruntled by your plan rerouting. Where there’s a Caribbean beach, there are blue waters, white sands, epic sunset views, and cocktails. Lots and lots of cocktails. When you get tired of that, Havana is the heart and soul of vibrant Cuba, so you’ll be entertained non-stop by plenty of music, great food, and funky bars. Break up? What break up?