Best street food in Jerusalem: Abu Shukuri’s hummus

December 04, 2019
Julia D'Orazio

It’s amazing how the mighty chickpea can morph into the ultimate creamy and nourishing dip! And at Abu Shukari’s street food stall, you’ll find some of the best hummus in the Middle East!

Initially prepared by hand, street food vendor Abu Shukuri now uses a machine to blend the ingredients to cope with the high demand for their signature recipe. It takes over a day to prepare; but the wait is well worth it for this top Jerusalem street eat. The chickpeas are soaked overnight and then boiled in the morning until very soft. After the chickpeas have cooled down, they are mixed until smooth.

The secret to its’ fresh, creamy taste? It’s all in the amount of garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, tahini sauce, pepper and salt added to make the hummus truly a bite to savour and worth the extra pita bread.

There is a reason why people venture far and wide to smother their pita bread with Abu Shukuri’s heavenly hummus.

The best hummus in Jerusalem? | Photo by Julia D'Orazio

Abu Shukuri has been one of the go-to places amongst locals in Jerusalem since opening its no-frills, hole-in-the-wall eatery in 1947. The restaurant was named after the first son of the founding grandfather and continues today to be a family affair with the restaurant spanning three generations across three outlets.

Three uncles are dedicated to perfecting their legendary hummus to avid dip devotees. The hummus is served plain, coupled with a mountain of pita to help soak up all its creamy goodness. The restaurant also serves a selection of freshly prepared sides such as chopped salads, freshly cooked falafel, and whole white garbanzo beans to make the dip more of a mealtime event.

The vegetarian-based banquet will roughly cost you 25 Shekels but is worth the extra splurge. Your waistline may not thank you for overindulging in the best of Jerusalem’s street eats, but your taste buds will.

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