Best street food in Perth: Toast My Curry

December 03, 2019
Ryan Zaknich

First created by Toast My Curry (TMC) in Perth, Western Australia, NAASTIES are a simple yet innovative food combination. And best of all, they don’t exist anywhere else in the world – not even India.

The TMC team have combined elements from Mumbai and Indian street food, merging them with quintessential Indian curries to create NAASTIES – a wholesome, healthy street food that’s sure to appeal to foodies from all walks of life.

Kim and Pankaj launched TMC in December 2015, having identified that Indian cuisine had been served in the same, conventional way for centuries, especially outside of India.  Having seen the thousands of street food dishes available in India, they decided to combine the magic of Indian and Mumbai street food with what everyone already loved about Indian cuisine – CURRY.  And so, the NAASTIE was born.

Kim and Panjak love home-style curries, so they decided to take inspiration from the delicious recipes cooked by their family and friends.  Each curry on the menu reminds them of home and their loved ones, so they see their business venture as a simple yet effective way to share their love of good curry with the world.

TMC operates as a food truck in and around Perth at markets, events, festivals and private gigs.  You can also experience the NAASTIE at their very first bricks and mortar location in Yagan Square, Perth city.

So, the question bound to be on everyone’s lips – just how do you ‘do a NAASTIE’? Here’s our comprehensive guide:

  1. Pick your favourite curry from the vegan, vegetarian and meat options available. These include butter chicken, lamb keema, mutton sukha, cauliflower curry and Bombay masala. Oh, and we can’t forget to mention Nutella Tim-Tam (which, as you may have guessed, is not a curry!)
  2. Choose a plain or garlic naan.
  3. Decide which cheese and greens you’d like to add.
  4. Wait patiently as everything is toasted together to perfection. But it’s not done just yet…
  5. Watch as your NAASTIE is garnished with Indian crisps made from chickpea flour. This helps to add texture and crunch.
  6. Enjoy your NAASTIE with an alternative style of poppadum, corn salad sprinkled with Indian masala powder and a generous dollop of mango chutney.

Aside from serving up delicious street food, TMC also supports a worthwhile social cause, by co-ordinating the Curry4Curry project.  So what does this actually mean? Well, for each NAASTIE sale, they donate a curry meal to support the education of street kids living in Mumbai.  In their first four years of trading, TMC donated 40,000 curries, and they hope to make millions of donations as they grow their vision, lovingly referred to as CurryKarma. Pretty cool, huh?

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