Best street food in Mexico City: Huaraches Ramoncita

November 13, 2018
Urban Adventures

The annual #streetfood50 Awards recognise the top street food vendors around the globe, handpicked by Urban Adventures’ own local guides-in-the-know. Local food stall Huaraches Ramoncita received top accolades from our Mexico City tour guides for the best street food in Mexico City in 2018, for their huaraches.

One hundred years of history can’t be wrong and when it comes to trying authentic huaraches, this place in Mexico City has been loved by locals for a century — with good reason. Huaraches are oval, corn masa cakes (named for a sandal of similar shape) with roots that trace all the way back to pre-Hispanic culture. This spot has been around for over 100 years, which is when the current proprietor’s grandmother, Ramoncita, arrived in Mexico City. He’s part of the third generation serving up this popular dish to both locals and visitors alike. A portion of the dough is stuffed with beans, and stretched by hand, before getting fried in lard or vegetable oil, and served alongside a generous helping of beef ribs.