Photo of the week: Life on the Yarra River

November 17, 2014
Urban Adventures

When it comes to exploring a city, we often talk about perspective. Whether you’re discovering a new city or re-appreciating your own, there are infinite ways to see the urban landscape. Familiar views take on new wonder when appreciated from a different angle. A city you’ve researched and seen represented in countless films and photos can become completely unrecognisable when you leave the well-travelled tourist route and take the local path. On last week’s edition of The Local Takeover, our Toronto-based marketing manager did just that. Taking her first trip down under, Lindsay made the most of seeing Melbourne from a local perspective. She discovered what the Melbourne coffee obsession is all about, she appreciated Fitzroy’s incredible street art, and experienced life on the Yarra River. While most tourists only see the Yarra from its shores, locals know that the best way to see Melbourne is from the water. So she hopped in a kayak with Melbourne Urban Adventures to take in this beautiful city in three different lights: as the sun came up, on a beautiful afternoon, and by moonlight after sundown. Choosing only one Instagram from The Local Takeover was tough, but with its glassy waters and blue, cloud-spotted skies, this hit the mark on how to appreciate a city from a different perspective!

Melbourne - Yarra Kayak