24 hours in: Pokhara

June 15, 2016
Urban Adventures

Pokhara can only be described as heaven on Earth. Often labelled as a lake city, many of Pokhara’s activities revolve around the water, such as rafting and paragliding; yet, Pokhara is so much more than that! Take an early hour-long roadtrip to Sarangkot and watch the sun peek over the horizon like a fiery orange in the sky. Or explore majestic views on a trek with the snow-capped mountains in the distance. Or learn more about the people living in this magical gateway to the Himalayas.

Early morning: 7 – 10 am

Start your morning off by wandering around the lake. The tranquil scenery is almost like being on a heavenly path. Do a little bird-watching, a little people-watching, and enjoy the peace and serenity. Newly made walking zones take you away from the hustle and bustle of the busy roads. If you’re looking for some grub, your best bet is German Bakery, or hit up one of the many restaurants that line the paths around the lake.

Bike or stroll around town and take in the beautiful scenery!

Pokhara is world-renowned for its trekking routes, but if you don’t have much trekking experience, worry not — there’s something for everyone! Aside from various day treks of varying difficulty, longer trekking routes are available that range from three days to month-long trails. Another interesting place to check out in the morning is the island temple of Tal Barahi, which is accessible by boat.

Late morning and lunch: 10 am – 3 pm

Davis Falls is the place you don’t want to miss when you’re in Pokhara. It’s best known for the canyon that was created by the river, and the beautiful scenery proves to be a stunning backdrop for photographs.

When you walk back from the beautiful waterfalls, there is a magnificent cave that is known locally as Gupteswor Gupha. You can go deep into the cave to see the same waterfalls, but from the inside. You’ll get to see where the river flows after it falls deep into the canyon.

After a tiring morning, you’ll definitely come back to the lakeside with an appetite. Try a local dish called Nepali Dal Bhat, which is lentil soup and rice. This is a staple dish in the local diet, and is consumed twice a day by locals.

The views are remarkable from every angle!

Late afternoon and dinner: 3 pm – onwards

With your appetite satisfied, quench your thirst for exploration! Visit the International Mountain Museum and take a look at the exhibits about the Himalayan ranges. The historic migration of the people living between and around the mountains really speaks to the bravery and dedication required to live in such a climate. You can also visit a Tibetan refugee camp to learn more about how these people from the mountains have started their lives in a new place. Various handicraft shops, monasteries, and schools are located in the area, should you wish to check those out as well.

Anybody fancy a round of pool?

After a long day exploring, head to Tea Time Bamboo, one of the best places for food on the lakeside. This restaurant has been open since the 70s, and is still going strong. If you fancy a nice drink before you head off to grab some dinner, try some local Nepali beer. There are live music bars in the area that will cater to all your music needs. If you’ve never pictured yourself overlooking the Annapurna Masiff while listening to Deep Purple and Jimi Hendrix, then come to Pokhara for a delightful surprise!