A local’s guide to the Armenian Quarter, Bucharest

July 06, 2018
Mircea Constantin

No one knows local life like our guides. That’s why we’ve asked them take us around their favourite ‘hoods and offer their insider tips on seeing the city like a true local. If the Armenian Quarter sounds like your kind of place, local Bucharest guide Mircea and his team can show you around with a private tour.

This place has been part of my life in different stages, from youth to adulthood, and it never ceases to intrigue me with all its hidden gems! Today, more than ever, I have learned to explore it with different eyes, and I still can’t get enough of it; talking about the community, the way the locals used to live there, and what the neighbourhood represents now.

The Armenian Quarter is, by far, one of the most beautiful areas of the Old Town. There is very little traffic and no tourists around, and a local atmosphere that will teleport you back to the late 19th century. This is one of the last surviving jewels of Bucharest’s Old City, before the Communist era destroyed large areas of these historical quarters. The neighbourhood has a life of its own, with a complicated but fascinating network of streets and alleys. Here you’ll find some of the best styles of architecture in the city, all clashing together, turning this unique area into one of the most beloved quarters in Bucharest.

Why you should come the Armenian Quarter

To escape the crowds

The Armenian Quarter allows you to easily explore one of the most beautiful areas of Bucharest, at your own pace and away from the crowds.

To see the historical mansions

Historical mansions, more than 120 years old, and even the oldest recorded house in Bucharest, can be seen in the Armenian Quarter. To top it off, this area is the perfect place for an architectural treasure hunt!

To have a magical evening

Enjoy a perfect evening in one of the most charming quarters of Bucharest, hidden inside a magical lush garden, or dining in one of the true local hangouts.

My top things to do in the Armenian Quarter

Metoc Tea House garden

Garden courtyard of Metoc Tea House | Photo by Bucharest Urban Adventues

1. Visit Metoc Tea House

If you’re looking for the perfect getaway in Bucharest, spending the afternoon or evening at Metoc with a cup of fresh tea and homebaked cookies, will definitely change the way you see and feel about our city. The serene space, with its lush garden, feels like something you would find in a small village rather than right in the heart of the city.

2. Hang out at Lente Arcului

Yet another cool space away from the mainstream sites in the city is this lovely garden at the edge of the Armenian Quarter, which will satisfy all tastes and is a favourite local hangout. There are books and board games here, so it’s easy to spend a few hours chilling with friends. They also regularly host events.

Lente Arcului Bucharest

Hang out at Lente Arcului in the Armenian Quarter | Photo by Bucharest Urban Adventures

3. Fill up at Restaurant Casa

If you’re looking for a place to enjoy traditional Romanian dishes, this is the best place to do it. You won’t find tourists here so you’re bound to feel like a local as you enjoy your meal. Portions are big and service is very friendly. The atmosphere is cosy, and the surrounding architecture is worth exploring.

About Mircea:

I’m one of the guides who may have the pleasure of showing you around Bucharest, and sharing with you tales of the old days. The whole idea for Bucharest Urban Adventures started a few years ago, when we got involved in the local street art scene, trying to differentiate ‘real’ street art from the unwanted tagging that’s everywhere in the city. This project was the kick-off for our activities within the walls of the once-upon-a-time “Little Paris of the East,” and what sent us to the drawing board, designing experiences for those who want to venture deep into Eastern Europe’s enigmatic culture! Bucharest really is a city like no other. Its rawness and exotic flare surprises most of our guests.