This NYC lobster roll is a bite of buttery heaven

April 29, 2018
Olivia Williamson

When The Lobster Place first opened in 1974, Mr. and Mrs. MacGregor would drive the eight hours up to Maine in an old pick-up truck twice a week, to bring back loads of live lobster — racing back as quickly as possible to to keep the seafood fresh.

Today, The Lobster Place is now run by Ian, the second generation of the MacGregor family, and has expanded to become the largest retail seafood market on the east coast. What makes it such a special place is the breadth of the experiences customers can enjoy. You can stand up at the raw bar and eat oysters, you can sit down at a sushi counter, you can order whole steamed lobsters or head to the C&P Galley and get my favourite, their famous lobster roll.


This roll is truly the final stage of the evolution of the sandwich. The umami flavour is so decadent, and then it is highlighted with a touch of lemon to create a beautiful symphony of meaty, buttery, delicate heaven. The ingredients are incredibly fresh because The Lobster Place has created relationships with fishermen, fish dealers and importers from around the world. They are the only wholesaler in New York to have its own restaurant and oyster bar.

The Lobster Place is open for lunch and dinner, weekdays from 11am to 9pm and on weekends from 10am to 9pm. It is less crowded later in the evenings, but even during that day, the line moves quickly and you can order a beer while you wait.

What to order: The Lobster Roll (fresh claw and tail meat, celery, scallions, lemon and mayo on a grilled and buttered top-split bun).

How to find it: 75 Ninth Ave. The C&P Galley operates out of a small window inside The Lobster Place Seafood Market, at Chelsea Market in Manhattan.

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