Best Street Food in Hong Kong: Kai Kai Dessert

November 29, 2019
Urban Adventures

Ready to tempt your taste buds with little rice flour balls filled with black sesame seed and cooked in a soup made of ginger and brown sugar? If all that sounds like a mouthful, the cooking process of this simple looking dish takes more than 10 hours and involves freezing the balls twice. This labour of love in a small bowl is for us, the best example of Cantonese dessert soup (yes, 90% of Cantonese dessert is soup based!). And nowhere in Hong Kong does it better than the one served at Kai Kai, a Michelin-recommended street food joint in the heart of Kowloon.

Soup might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of dessert, but locals know, that’s the way things are in Hong Kong. Their menu is in Chinese, but you can ask for the translated English version to make things easier when ordering. And no matter what you order, you likely won’t be disappointed in the diverse selection of local desserts. Curious? Come and taste some yourself on our Kowloon Food Safari tour.  

Kowloon Food Safari

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