Book three and you join free!

November 12, 2018
Urban Adventures

Calling all social butterflies! Are you the one always organising day trips, group outings and hosting dinner parties every other week? Tracking your packed calendar on five different devices? The one who always remembers everyone’s birthdays? The glue that holds the crew together?

It’s time you got rewarded for all that work, don’t you think? No matter where you are in the world, if you love group outings — for work or play — then we’ve got a deal for you.

Book any Urban Adventures tour for three people and the fourth one (ahem, that’d be you, butterfly) is free! Think wine tastings, cooking classes, street-art walks, historic brew tours and electric bike rides.

So grab your besties, the kids, some colleagues or some random strangers off the street and book an Urban Adventure for the Best. Day. Ever.

Just use promo code SOCIALB when booking for three people or more, and we’ll automatically take 25% off the entire booking. Valid on all Group and Private Urban Adventures, for travel anytime. Excludes Create Your Own.

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