Watch: Where to buy the best souvenirs in NYC

November 27, 2017
Nikki Padilla

People often ask me where the best place to shop is in NYC — but with so many options, it’s a tough question to answer. (Or, ahem, the quickest answer is for you to hop on our Made In NY: Industry City shopping tour.)

Unless you’re asking me from inside your limo while your chauffeur holds your tiny poodle with a diamond-encrusted collar, I’m probably not going to mention that ‘famous 5th Ave’ (those shops are more for window shopping than actually shopping). Local tip: The best window shopping on 5th Ave. is most definitely Tiffany’s (yes, THAT Tiffany’s). On the first floor, the salespeople who are used to crowds of tourists, so feel free to ask to try on anything. Like that $10,000 bracelet, or the $25,000 tiara, just for fun. Believe it or not, they’ll usually say yes.

The major shopping areas (for mid-range name-brand clothing) are definitely 34th Street (between 5th and 8th avenues), where you’ll find all the rest of the tourists. And also on Broadway below 14th Street, where you’ll find more locals. But that stuff you can buy pretty much anywhere.

We’re more interested in goods that you can ONLY find in NYC, and even better if they’re locally produced or from shops that support local artisans. So we asked our NYC guides for their favourite places to shop.