Be More Social, 5 Pros For Group Travel

March 07, 2014

Our friends at Make It Social are obsessed with social travel, and they should know – their platform is helping make group travel that much easier by letting you converse together, plan together, but pay separately.

As much as we love solo travel, we also love getting out there and exploring with our mates, so we asked the guys at Make It Social to give us their fave reasons for travelling in a group.

1. A Picture Says a Thousand Words

Selfies, although a craze in our social media driven lives, can only go so far. Group photos not only give your arm a well-deserved break, but they make for awesome memories as you and your friends (the ones that made it out the other side of your group travel experience) are sitting on the porch in your mature years, reminiscing about the good old days.

2. Taxis

Some of the best experiences involve a taxi and a taxi driver – we won’t elaborate because you’ll see. Not only a fun and interesting way to meet people (in our experience, some taxi drivers have the ability to make a fully grown man cry from laughing so hard), they’re also a highly cost effective way to travel as well. The final destination cost of $2 sounds way better than $12 in any language. For us, it’s great – you meet a local and see the city from a different perspective – and the drivers always know where they’re going! (you hope).

dubai taxi

3. Sharing is Caring

‘Dinner for One’ is a classic film, but don’t let this be an excuse to act it out. In our opinion, part of the fun of throwing yourself into a culinary world of unexpected treats is sampling as many dishes as your body will allow. If you’re by yourself, you could be more limited (maybe), but in a group, you and your friends can order way more different foods that you may love or may just leave you with the thought of, “at least I’ve tried it”. At least there’s less risk if you’ve all shared it!

Tapas in Spain 4. What comes before Part-B? Part-A!

Par-tay! After that culinary overload of flavour, it’s time to indulge in a local brew or concoction to get the night started. It doesn’t take too long to become a salsa pro (you’ll find this out after a few drinks). You can’t do this dancing thing without your wing-man or wing-woman, simply because that just looks silly – it’s like eating ice cream without a cone. With a trusted pal by your side, let the fun begin – but only after you’ve cut some serious shapes on the dance floor, obviously.

out with friends

5. Fun in the Sun

As the morning light rises, the logical thought amongst friends (depending where you are) is to grab some food, drinks, and head down to the beach. If you’re not a beach bum, exploring the city will provide the same issue of, “How do I apply sunscreen when I’m a lone wolf?”. You will attempt to avoid that dreaded sunburn by giving it a go solo, and it may or may not work out so well. When you’re with friends though, you quickly come to realise the issue of awkwardly applying sunscreen disappears and the expression, “I’ve got your back”, brings another level of appreciation. #ithinkwejustbecamebestfriends.

beach in rio de janeiro

Life’s more fun when you share it, so let’s Make it Social.